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Get Lucky : V2 Productions

Within the above link are 95 moments of history FROZEN in time, in jpg format. Those within will not age nor whither with time. Quite the opposite: as new monitors are developed, they may look even BETTER in the future. Your soul may be stole, but YOUR BODY is immortalized.

Great party. I had a blast. I shot more than I usually do. I couldn't stop taking pictures of Jazzy (the dancer with the hula hoop). Pardon my repetitousness. She was smokin'!

Lists of other things of interest:

crowd-surfing djs (I missed the photo, though)
a 6-fingered man
very furry furrys

Um.. I started this list thinking a list would be easy to think of, but I guess that raves are raves (even while in a club!). You go to a few and stuff like puking girls, humping mounds of people, dazzling light, very close to naked very young-looking girls, and pounding sound are pretty much the norm. Hmm.

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