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German Innovations
Photojojo, a site which scoures the net to give give photo enthusiasts neat little tips and tricks, posted a solution for an inexpensive photo stand today. Basically, the idea is to go buy a bag of 100 teacup candles for $8, throw away the wax, cut the metal holder in half, fold along the cut, turn it upside down, and you have a sleek little photo stand. The way I presented it, the job sounds a little involved, but it does look simple. Here, a photo is a much better explanation:

But I'm not here to do what the jojo has already. I've got to say that the German site they linked to was filled with neat ideas. The point of the projects seems to be, since I don't know German, to find innovative ways to use household appliances in new ways. They range from the functional to the absurd, and of course the absurd AND functional. I mean, I have on more than one occassion wished for something like this to have existed, but never thought it possible.

But to carry it around on a regular basis would be a joke. And the people who actually do bring those things are the same type of people that already carry pillows around with them. But not all is in jest. The site exhibits an upgrade to the chopstick which is nothing short of marvelous. Couldn't you see this as starting a utensil revolution?

But, there was nothing that would prepare me mentally for their last creation. I might be more responsive to it than most, because I have an irrational fear of sharp needly things. I can't even look at rose bushes without wincing, and actually, while I'm typing this I'm trying to avert my eyes (rolling them back in my head, yes) because I'm thinking of the thing on that site. I'd describe it more but I'd have to learn to type backwards and in the fetal position. You'll just have to click this link because there's no way I'm having it on my homepage.

I love it and I fear it.

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