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Language links and a Netvibes.com tab
If anyone is as addicted to language as I am, I just put together a netvibes.com tab, which is a page of 6 rss feeds that you can add automatically to your netvibes.com aggrigator. I also have the individual links here if you want to check out the sites individually.

Add to netvibes

LanguageLog: The hub of linguistic discussion on the web.
Bagnewsnotes: Daily analysis of current media images.
Rhetorica: A blog which studies rhetoric of recent political speeches, etc.
Literal-Minded: Observerations about speech which would lead to much different interpretations if taken literally.
Wordlustitude: This site moniters unusuall and interesting newly created english.. Also hillarious made-up citations.
The Eggcorn Database: Eggcorns are expressions by which people understand a specific word but insert it incorrectly into an expression, thus, an eggcorn.


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