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The Schwas, + bonus busted afterparty pics
Please, ignore the fact that I can't spell The Schwas (I have also used shwaz, schwaz, scwoz, schwoz, and I could use many more). The fact is I LOVE them, despite the ability to configure and choose a few letters that were probably pretty much chosen randomly in the first place. Actually, this struggle has led me to wonder about the word itself. Have I been missing the idea that the name is a plural of the ambiguous sound which can be seen in dictionaries as an upside down lowercase "e". Now it makes sense! It's just a plural of that damned English phenomenon in which each and every vowel (aeiouy) can make the same sound. . I, forever, thought it was a nonesense word. It's the sound that makes up the capital in Adept, synthEsis, decImal, harmOny, mediUm, and even sYringe!

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