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Today marks a very sad day.
Galen Lawrence Anderson's funeral was today. I always thought Lawrence was a great example of someone who could really defend quite unpopular belief systems and still be interesting and approachable. Namely, being a mysogonyst. Haha. Today is also the one year anniversery of the what-still-seems-like-yesterday caving tragedy. All this happening at once makes for a pretty strange day.

Why is the philosophy department losing so many good people? I really doubt that the accounting department has many tragedies like this. They all die in their sleep at 88. However, I have got to say.. I would much rather live a 25-30 year old life as a philosopher than a 100 year life as an accountant.

If anyone wants more information on this stuff, there are some photos of Ariel, Jen, Blake, and Scott and a myspace group page dedicated to them. I'm not sure, but you may need to add the group before you can view what's inside.

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