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Versus 2.5
First of all, let me say that these pictures do not show this party justice whatsoever. Versus 2.5 was probably the most phenomenal collaboration between mother nature and human being in the production of memory. This party was held outdoors during the biggest lightning storm that I've seen in my life, and probably the closest I've been to one as well. When I looked up, and saw a flash that was only a dot, that means that the lightning bolt was traveling straight at me. And then there was the spider web lighting that seemed to shoot at the party in a myriad of light.

Sadly, I'm not very good at capturing lightning, although I did try. But just think, an amazing light show compounded with a sky constantly glowing with all colors of lighting. The most common variant I saw was actually purple! You would see a huge purple glow and flash. And then it became orange. Don't forget the torrential downpour that soaked everyone in about two minutes, elictrified the mixers, whirled tarps off and away, and had the whole rave crowd pounding on doors to get into what had just previously been a UFC fight at saltair (the location was double-booked). Luckily we were able to find refuge for a few minutes, and then out into the night again. The lights went on, and the pounding of the rain switched to the pounding of bodies and feet--and a night to remember.

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