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Sequence VI
Here we have photos from the latest chapter in Utah Rave history. The only catch is that this one was secretly in Nevada. I guess that we were not welcome, because it seems that Wendover pooled its resources together and carved in the sand where we exited to the rave location, "Go Home, Ravers."

Anyway, another night of what the excesses of America can produce. We screw over other countries for the ability to be slovenly and narcissistic in the night. Thank you George W., thank you casinos. We are all human beings ruining the planet earth in our own ways! Really though, it was a little discraceful, as it always is, when large amounts of human beings congregate onto virgin earth. However, those hoity-toities in their cities (like myself) have got to realize that the landfill is essentially the same thing. The only problem people have with trash (or bloody, shitty toilet paper) is if they have to look at it. We sure do hate to see how disgusting we are, and so we've invented some pretty complicated systems for removing the post-packaged excrements and pre-packaged wrappings.

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