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Freak Show Pics from LAST year.
I was reading Byrdee's blog and saw that the Freak Show had played last night at the Painted Temple. I was obviously aghast and outraged. But when I had come up from my sorrow, I remembered that I still had never put up any pictures from last years Freak Show at Steamers. I went through them and, as a sign of my mourning, put up this set. I know I'm a little over a year late, but it's never really too late, is it? There aren't enough, of course, but what's there sure brings the memories back.

Addendum: After the bb gun battle, I got a shot of them falling, but my flash hadn't refreshed fast enough. So here's the photo extra brightened in photoshop. It's low quality, but you can see that one BB did lodge in the forehead of the guy on the left.

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