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UVSC Photo Club - Havasupai Pics

These shots are actually from a little over a month ago. I went on a trip with my school's photography department to Havasupai. I am not a LOVER of outdoor photography (too much light! I can't handle it), so I wasn't all that happy with them. But, some people have been bugging me, so here they are. The trip was a blast, and Havasupi is gorgeoes, naturally (ooh, a double meaning :).

One of the most fascinating things to observe were how quickly the colors shifted. When we arrived, the water and the waterfalls were the color that Havasupai is famous for - milky aqua. It stayed that color for most of the trip. However, there was a lot of rain on the 3rd day and the water turned a deep green. We then watched the water rise and turn thick, dark, and brown, and hiked out with muddy waterfalls and foamy water.

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