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Luv2K+7 at Saltair
Well, the Salt Lake rave scene showed it's strength last night. Two Valentine's Day parties were thrown in one night and were both successful (although the drama that surrounds such actions is not something I like to see or I'd like to go into). I attended Raytraced Production's LUV2K+7 party, and Saltair was bursting with more people than I've ever seen. The second outside stage, within a geodesic dome, was warm and energetic despite the elements drizzling continually down and turning any outside travel a mud sloshing adventure. Great show!

Regarding the photos: Despite some intense technical difficulties and inexpressable frustration at my equipment (isn't it always the case), I got a few images that weren't simply motion blurs and glow trails. I bring you, LUV2K pics:

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