Operated by John-Riley Harper. Dedicated to archiving photography from Utah's underground scenes, as well as other personal projects.

I thought my last entry sucked, although the photos were awesome. I'm NOT going to make it up to you, but I'm sorry for that. I'm also sick of the pathetic relationship that people who have webpages have with their audience, so I'm going to try to quit that too. It's harder than you might think. I just contradicted myself in that last sentence. Talking about sentences and the rules that they are made of makes it a very difficult process to analize and scrutinize. Well, I have been bored and angry for the last hour or so, and so I have been playing with photoshop to occupy and placate one of my emotions. What you get is a pathetic example of egoism. Everything else is a waste of time. What you click on should tick-tock your own clock for about 1.4 seconds, if I am lucky, and if indeed there is any author/reader relationship, which I doubt.





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