Operated by John-Riley Harper. Dedicated to archiving photography from Utah's underground scenes, as well as other personal projects.

I really haven't been taking pictures lately because I've been completely addicted to chess, and have no thirst or desire to do anything but. I did manage to take a few (although I don't really see WHY) in the last month, and so I proudly present them to you! If anyone actually comes here. One thing that I hate is when people make shitty webpages that nobody goes to; you find it somehow and see that the last 35 entries are all apologies about the lack of updates. How unoriginal and uninteresting can you get? If you can't say something stimulating or creative, don't say anything at all! I refuse to resign myself to that apologetic state of limp-wristed remission, and so I profusely give you these, may they delight your day.

There is stuff from the first Steamers, Nate, Cameron and I at the black hole, and a weird club where Karen was auditioning. And, a very early Glen!

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