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Long Beach, CA
Alright. I've had a pretty fun time in Long Beach, L.A., and Hollywood for the last week and a half, with pictures as usual. It was perfect, I aimed at doing absolutely nothing in my time of toil avoidance. However, I actually did some stuff, and so although it wasn't as uneventful as I would have liked, I did have fun (which I've heard is a good thing). California is a pretty amazing place, it felt like I could have stayed there and integrated right into one of their many social scenes. Usually the worst part about moving to a new place is having absolutely no friends, but by the end of my stay I had met tons of people and was pretty sure that there was no way I could even come close to being bored.

Well, back to the Utah scene, even more microscopically, the Provo scene. The Jackasses have gone political AND techy, they have a site going and are trying to organize a war protest for this saturday. It should be cool, so if anyone is in the area, check out their site and check out the protest in Pioneer park at noon.

Edit: Sadly, 5 years later the Jackasses political site has died. What IS the world coming to?

Comment: I used to be so much worse at organizing sets. So, for the record, the first five photos were NOT from Long Beach, but were simply random ones from around town that I wanted to put up some place. The rest are from Long Beach.

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