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Maple Canyon Snooze News
Maple Canyon with the Utah Valley kids! They are a great bunch. Even while sleeping! The pictures are from day two of this camping trip. The night before entailed two kegs, a blood-red blue moon and intense clouds, crazy rednecks, and one of them getting beaten unconscious with a rock (after once by hand). Sadly, I missed those photo opportunities in light of my own beweilderment. And Kendra!

But anyway, the second day hike was amazing. We climbed a little dry waterfall and when about half of us were up it the heavens just started coming down in the form of hail. Thoughts of flash floods of slushy crystals that would pick you up and slam you into a bubbling end were on our minds; hypothermia and axphyxiation would arm wrestle for the right to take us through the transition. Or maybe not. My sister Rachel may have found an personal entryway with her head, which was flowing hot and red after an encounter with a rock. Pictures are here!

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