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9 Mile Canyon
Pop a bit of chocolate and fall back to sleep. Your dreams will be better; more vibrant and memorable. Emotion is the only thing that retains memory, so the wrenching anguish of hate, or the pulsating palpations of love must fill your life or you won't have anything to dwell on later. Exception is the only thing that has none, which makes it exceedingly exceptional. The exception of black is white? No. Black is the unknown, the abyss, the void. White is the light, the true, the virtuous and the pure. What exceptions does this prejaduce hold? Physics has the answer, and thus the pale become ridiculed, subjugated and enslaved. What color makes a photon recoil? Read slowly, read quickly. Or if you don't like the options given, you can always look at pretty photographs. A recent trip to 9 mile canyon will allow words to plague you no more.

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