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I finally got my broken camera back. It simply stopped working during the Valentines rave. This was horribly upsetting, as I had planned on shooting all night. Most of the night was spent clenching my fists as I saw all the amazing pictures that could have been taken. I remember going into the downstairs bathroom to look at my camera and try to turn it on and off, to see if SOMETHING would fix it. There were people having sex on the toilet and then some guy came in with blood streaming down his face, his lip split about a half an inch. It made me sick to my stomach for about 10 minutes and I hope the guy is alright, but still, I missed some COOL PICTURES! I think I only got about an hour and a half in, so I didn't have many to choose from. Therefore, a lot of these suck, and there isn't as much variety as I had hoped for. Click here for the picturas.

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