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Raver Trash
I've had a very tough time going to outdoor electronic events because I have some serious wrestles with the way that more is often not merrier to the environment. Here's a picture of the remnants from last event that I went to. I was the last to leave and that was what I couldn't fit into the my car, so there it sat, rotten meat completely infested with maggots and flies to boot. I also noticed people pouring oil and grease right into the dirt, they needed a griddle to make pancakes, but couldn't bear the responsibility to pack any side effects out.

This all disgusts me, and somehow I feel a little better if I don't partake, even though I know it occurs. I ended up at this one though, and had some conversations with people that completely baffled me with their naivet'e... or perhaps, pretention? That these people would claim to know the 'right way to camp', and then proceed to trample over the delicate environment, leaves my mouth hanging wide open still. I don't know what is better, to not go and pretend these outdoor environmental catastrophies don't happen, or to attend and get in endless arguments with people, hoping that maybe a few will realize and actually give a shit. I didn't stay until the end of this one, but I'm sure there was a pile of trash that can ably compete with the previous picture. I hope I'm wrong. Here are pictures from the party, as well as hike down Little Wildhorse Canyon:

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