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Frustration, Fear, Blur, Beating
I've had a horribly unlucky month of taking pictures. Nothing has turned out. I haven't been brave enough to carry the camera around. I start to fear that having a camera around me all the time makes me an appendage to it, or that I annoy people with my ceaseless snapping. But, looking back through my photographs throughout the month, I did find a few that weren't completely blurry and overexposed, and there they are below.

Frustrated, frustrated, frusterated for not being frustrated enough. Frustrated for not having the energy and the inspiration to kindle my frustration into an unholy detonation of mental persperation; to figure out what it means to find out why there's nothing to be furious about after all. All the worlds worst pain is nothingness: which is the worlds worst fear. We cry all our lives, and in spite of understanding, we keep on demanding a better explanation for the frustration of the unending choking machine that dissolves dreams and resolves revolutions to collapse on their knees, roll up their eyes and stop their own hearts from beating.

We've got Lucas Gallup eating kiwi, Cameron Ramey buffing his femininity, Jon-Jon and Kirsti making mystical campfires, kegs, Dj Ethics and Lauren out of their element, Russ Faye looking sexy on The Rock, Nick Tingey smoking, Ion enjoying her dreadlocks, Ion strumming, Crystal Hot Springshot springs, Pride Parades in SLC, Courtney and her Ethan, my miraculous room, Cassie Coombs washing dishes while I drool, some of my dry-erase art, Math Dave writing his math book, and shiners in Magna. Don't forget the 4th of July from up high. I haven't, Misty Quist.

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