Operated by John-Riley Harper. Dedicated to archiving photography from Utah's underground scenes, as well as other personal projects.

- = A culmination of coalesced corroboration =-
Click the color, it contains a convoyed convex of contrived and complex curiousness about cellular entities and untold lives. It's a collaboration of time, but I call it a corroboration. Abhor the readily apparent.

We've got Don Lavange looking studly, Sarah Martin making faces, me and Courtney in Southern Utah, Lucas Gallup in front of oil paint, Andrea getting drunk, Sarah's hands destroyed by water after a hot pot all-nighter, Brice smashing cars at UVSC, Julie, Diamond Fork hot springs, Julie posing in front of moss, Rune, Jessica the Mexican with cheesy photoshop, the almighty Steve-O, Dorothy, Glenn, Lindsey's ass when we stayed up all night drawing and painting for our art classes, Misty getting made up on Halloween, and so much more.

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