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- = Descent =- - Wells Fargo Building
Descent pictures are only one click away. I love halloween. I think that each state should have halloween a different week of the year, and then I would be able to travel from state to state in a non-stop halloween state. I love the costumes. I love the creation. I love the masks that we shed, while pretending to put them on. It really was too bad about the party, which left me pretty bitter and pissed. I had more pictures to take and sanity to break. I made up for it with great conversation at Bazooka Joe's, as well as music sets that made the big party pale.

Come on, it's Halloween, we don't need to hear epic trance and beastie boy remixes. Scare me! Music is the medium that you can really use to twist the insides and secret that ticking twitch that keeps us aware we're alive. It doesn't always have to be happy, we are beings that experience the whole range of emotion, which is why we HAVE Halloween. Explore your own dark side.

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