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Tommy Atoll
I did this audio project with a bizarre but amazing homeless guy, Tommy Atoll. This is the result of editing down from two separate interviews about an hour long apiece. Haha. It was fun to try and make his hilarious, wandering spiels into a narrative. He needs to be famous! Actually, I guess he is, as he says he's donated 550 million dollars to charity from his album sales.

Tommy's Not Crazy!

For those fascinated by this guy, I have some other unedited short clips. After he talks up his music make sure to listen to it to see if it meets your expectations. :)

Tommy Likes Mormons

Tommy On Abortion

Tommy's Not a Rapist

Surfing Like Making Love

Male Model

Tommy got shot!

Tommy's worth 550 Million!

Tommy Live on Guitar!!!

People need to use samples of this dood in their techno music!

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