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Gravity's 8th Consecutive White Party
A white party. It sounds almost racist. But wrongs become righted when you find out it's all done under a black light that actually makes everyone blue. Serves us right for being martians. It's a great theme party because everyone has at least a white t-shirt. It's pretty much a chance for all those guys who show up everywhere in blue jeans and a thin white t to be in the in instead of "too cool for all that fashion bull." Of course, what I love to see are the amazing ways that people creatively intertwine the theme's limitations with inventiveness. Blue hair or pink hair becomes all that much shocking.

On the lighting side, I really need to investigate the effects of blacklight on photography. Blue always seems to be a wavelength that interacts in strange ways. It's the most high energy frequency, of course, so that may have to do with the way it skews and burns out in places. Blue seems to rip less sophisticated sensors apart. Try looking at blue televisions or led's with a cellphone camera. Check out the photos above to see what I mean! Especially <this> one. Those are led's, and so perhaps it's just that they are so small and bright that they behave differently than anything else. If anyone has resources or knowledge I'd love to know more about the phenomenon.

OPP! (Other people's photos):
Jeffrey McGrath
Eric Hamilton

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