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Halloween Weekend - Jackasses & China Blue
I almost didn't make it for Halloween! Schoolwork has risen and I've been too bogged down with homework AND trying to sew a costume at the last minute. I failed, ran out of time, and decided to just go anyway. The night before I had dressed as a wrestler disguised as a car reflector - you know those ones that keep the heat out of parked cars? But for China Blue's party I was going to be Jolly Old St. Nick. It couldn't be done in time, so that look'll have to wait until Christmas or next week or sometime. Jen succeeded in becoming a peculiar puppet with a puffy head. Now, today, daylight savings has ended and time has shifted. If I try to forget, maybe tomorrow I can sleep in for an extra hour.

Oh, also - I tried doing my first photosynth, and it's of the China Blue house. Check it out by clicking photosynth. You have to install the plugin, but it's really cool once you do. It let's you explore through a point cloud of 2-D images in order to get something like a 3-D feeling. I added about 130 images but they are only 40% "synthy," so there are a lot of disconnects and many different sets. But that's ok! You can still explore the living room that goddess and mistress Charity destroyed! Wahooo!!

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