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-= Yun Yun Fashion and Nate's Dirty Thirty =-
Just like this country's banks, I am now in debt. But I have a camera again, which makes it worth it. I just hope I can get out again soon. So, Jen's fashion show was amazing! I was a model in it, so I didn't get many pictures, but Caitlin was amazing enough to shoot and she should have her stuff up later this week. I can't wait. Thanks to all the models! We had four boys and six girls, which I think is great because girls are so often overrepresented. I'd much rather have both sexes be put under whatever gaze it is that takes them in. Also, Breana was wonderful for doing make-up. As well, two people helped do hair styling - Alex did an amazing job coming at the last minute and doing hair with her friend Autom. It was a big production - and all for five minutes of us strutting our stuff inside of the much larger show, an October Evening. We were one of about 15 different groups lined up to entertain.

After the party I went to Nate's dirty thirty birthday with a few who still had energy. I actually should have gone to bed, but I stayed up all night anyway. Who can beat pudding wrestling in a dimly lit garage? The interactions were furious. And I got to take some photos again! Check em out.

I also used a slide show automation tool, animoto, to make the following:

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