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Apocalypse - @ Easy Street
I thought it was the end of the world, or at least the end of the day. Calvin and Hobbes made an interesting impression on me: I wanted to doze away in a soft bed. That's no party attitude! Buuut, my bed has been underwater for the last two weeks, only saturday was it laid horizontal again, and I've missed it. So, my exhausted body thought the world was going to be over and I was almost glad it would be, until I stepped into the reality of the Apocalypse! It awoke me. There was so much energy that I didn't even think of hitting the sleeping bag until 7:00. What amazing installations, lighting, music, and people. And oh Stosh, thank you for light-proofing your little dungeony room. I had no idea it was 2 in the PM until I opened my eyes and yawned.

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