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Mindhum Corporation presents - Field of Dreams
This is insane, inane. I really have absolutely no time to write a writeup, or hiccup. Maybe I'll do one long after the fact. Maybe now! But not now. Now I'm getting caught in the endless eternal rhythm of writing exactly what my mind wishes my fingers to say. It's not anything but. And I think that perhaps I will never graduate past it. It's a gradation, the graduation.

And on another note, I hate how some people want to extricate deliciousness from pathetic phonemic similarities. A professor asked today, in his mindless mundane way, what were the differences between individuality and individualism. I was working, so I couldn't snap off his nose, ears, and lips, but I wanted to say that the only real similarity was the coincidence of being spelled with many of the same letters. He went on to spread lies and total confusions. But that's what he's paid for. I get paid to observe politely as propagandists sink their claws into the stupid.

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