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Mindhum Corporation Presents - The Dionysius Festival at Eeeasy Street
There are photos of me! I really haven't had any new photos of myself for ever, but luckily a few commandeered the camera from my hands and went shooting mad: John-John, Penelope, and Molly. Thanks to Jen for fixing me up with some rocking hair, and Savers for the raw materials. I was slightly sick at the outset of this party, but I decided that I would try to beat it with my own energy. So I partied it up, passed out a little after 7:00, and really felt my mind was stronger than the little bacterial colony that is my body. It turns out that the brain is only good at tricking itself from the pains of reality for so long. I slept all day yesterday and today I've slept more. So that's why I am done typing. What I've got so far was hard enough. The end.

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