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An October Evening
Imagine a for-real fashion show in Salt Lake City! Furthermore, in the super secret Masonic temple. I didn't think they happened (although I'm probably just clueless) but one DID occur. Blue Medusa clothing has been working for the past half year to bring together a diorama of fashion designers, models, cinemetographers, photographers, and more in order to make the night what it was. I was fortunate to be able to do some of the promotional photos, so people may have seen the image below on some SLC papers that cover local events.

The shooting was tough at the show. I am incredibly indebted to Madelyn Boudreaux for letting me borrow one of her lenses. I normally shoot quite wide but the place was huge and I needed to be able to get closer without BEING close. I thought I was completely SOL but she saved me. So, check to see what I managed to get:

One more thing that I must get out: I've seen fashion shows on TV before, but never in real life. The difference of experience is greater than, say, music on CD compared to live. They really had some professional runway models there, and I experienced something I never had before. I came to the profound realization that they REALLY know how to walk. There was one in particular that completely blew my mind; something about the energy and intensity that can be exuded, the complete captivation by a huge audience, that turns the vulnerability of being in front of that audience into an incredible source of power. It's breathtaking to watch. It's not all about sexuality either, it's just raw charisma.

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