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Get Freaky - V2 Productions
It's supposedly "suicide tuesday" but I finally have the energy to lift photos to online status. How's that for ironic. How's that for throwing off the statistics. No suicide for me! Oh wait, that's drug related, not simply exhaustion related.

The party really was good enough to almost erase all memory of the god awful line. I got there at 9:00 and waited patiently in line with everybody else. Except it seems that not everybody else was waiting as patiently as I and the group I was with. Two hours later the line behind was shorter and the line in front simply got more and more dense. We decided we had to be assholes ourselves and push and shove, using force to get what we wanted. I hate doing that but anger motivates in interesting ways. I hate the sexism that was shown by allowing women to get in first. I don't care about any justifications due to exposure from skimpiness or whatever: people are people. I also hated the way we were treated as subhuman herd animals by the video crew who thought that they could make the line look like they were having a blast and get a few seconds of video by yelling "Geeeet Freeaaaky!" The line WAS responsive but I have one thing to say: video people, you are not getting objective video if you are manipulating your subjects. It means your results have only dishonest, inflated representations of what the experience was really all about. Think about it. What are you really trying to create?

But once inside, the party met every expectation. I love the intensity, the noise, the over-stimulation. There's never a dull moment if you keep your eyes open and your brain ready. I could not have done the photos without the lighting assistance of a very psycho cowboy named Justin. Here you go:

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Brit Ellsbery
Eric Hamilton

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