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Molly's Mad House of Decadence
by Lindsey Nelson

It could have been a tranquil holiday tea party, but as all signs of decency and decorum decayed, the night was sucked into a turbulent downward spiral of depravity and debauchery. What manner of shamelessness could account for such licentious derangement and disturbing mania? What barbaric madness could have possibly disabled the frontal lobes of these poor fanatics’ brains, leaving them drooling, corrupted, and degraded? An examination of the abundance of rich detail offered in these photos leads me to this irrefutable hypothesis: these people are in the lewd and spastic throes of helpless devotion to Dionysus himself! {Dionysus is the Thracian god of wine and revelry, madness and ecstasy.}

They say that the divine mission of Dionysus was to bring an end to care and worry. What a smashing success, in one house at least, for one night. Look at the pictures; you can almost see the divine satisfaction of the god, smiling down upon the insolent drowning of inhibition, the orgiastic frenzy, and the unabashed disorder. And although it’s never specifically mentioned by any scholar of theology, I am nonetheless convinced that eggnog baptisms were among the standard tenets of Dionysian worship.

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