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I just got back from an amazing trip to Havasupai. Does it get annoying, dear reader that everything is so goopy and "amazing" all the time? I mean, I guess that since the gothic online journals of depression and tears have gone out of style there isn't as much moping. Ya gotta contribute positively to the global conversation now-a-days. But still, things shouldn't be all popcorn pink glee-fests. So hmm. What was awful? I get cold too easily. I was a wuss and didn't jump off the waterfalls. We had to wait a whole day to go to the sweat lodge. I got in some fights, verbal ones. I wish I was better at card games. But wow. Those were hard to think of. I made lots of friends and had fun conversations and the car ride rocked! AugH! I'm getting caught in the positive frame of mind again! Goodbye. I'm going off to mope!

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