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My Backpack has Flown Away
About two weeks ago, while sleeping under the full moon in a canyon, someone broke into my car and took a backpack which contained the cameras that pretty much motivate my life*. When things are stolen from me, as has happened before and will happen again, I always at first give myself a materialist reprimand. What business do I have in emotional attachments to objects? Tom Waits relates, "There's nothing wrong with her a hundred bucks won't fix," and it's essentially the same with me (although a bit more). I read about the depressing decline of marine life and know my problems are so superficial, selfish, and materialistic. So, I really don't want to worry about starting over or anything like that. The time away from a camera will give me some time to think about what I want to do once I rebuild a bit. One positive thing that the loss has showed me is that that people care! I've been astonished by the response from people who actually give a shit about my work. I really never expected anyone to care; perhaps even a few would be happy that I'd stop the ceaseless glassy interjections, tired of being hunted and snapped at. But Molly's response [link] showed me otherwise.

Soon after Molly's comment, others replied with their own concerns and outrage. Courtney replied with poetic, angry sentiments. [link]. Soon Lorraine [link] made her contempt known as well. And then, in a crazy bold move, Nate Hansen, [link] who has been throwing the Easy Street parties, chimed in - not just with outrage - but he set up a Paypal donation account for anyone who wanted to throw dollars at the problem. It's not as if I even REALLY care about the money (of course, money WOULD pretty much solve my situation but I know cash ain't free), the fact that people have taken time out of their lives to care about my own little misfortune has given me more than enough energy to simply say: Rebuild! Go a bit deeper in debt and get a new camera as quick as can be! I'll be back on my feet before I'm missed too much!

Thank you, everyone!

* Particularly, I lost 1 canon 20d, 1 canon 40d, 1 24 1.4l lens, 1 50 1.2 lens, a pocketwizard, two small softboxes, an 8gb compact flash and a couple of 2 gig cards, a bunch of eneloop batteries and bp511s, a brand new pair of prescription sunglasses, and a tan Jeep backpack. Keep your eyes out on the look out!

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