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Daily Herald - Rough party forces smokehouse closure
Daily Herald - Rough party forces smokehouse closure

They say it's a 'smokehouse,' but I think it was much more important as a Coffee Shop and a Venue. In Utah Valley, nobody seems to like the idea of kids actually hanging out in public - which is what most coffee shops encourage. The idea of the quick exchange of sin for debauchery back in the den is much more palatable--as long as they're not doing it in PUBLIC. However, this image is interesting, because it contrasts the idea of the article. It exhibits sentimentality, and shows a different side of sXe. To illustrate the "sXe" and the "BYE BYE, We Will" in the same frame with multiple fonts miss means that straight edgers, together with lovers of the coffee shop contributed to this art project. The image shows that you can't be so simple as to lump everyone together into one category.

Additionally, the broom on the left inevatbly says that this will have to be cleaned up by someone else (ghostly handprints), which assists the story. It shows that the partiers lack sense of responsibility and are unable to deal with consequences to their actions. However, the mysterious vibrant red blob bears a likeness to the infamous Rorschach inkblot tests. Could this indicate that the Steamer's community is performing public psychiatric tests on the viewers of the Daily Herald and the Utah Valley community?


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