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A Long Haitus
It has been entirely too long since I've updated, but at last I have. School has been taking more than 100% of my time, so photography is sat on the back-burner. Click the image below for pictures of a few of those times.

There are some of Parallax, which makes posting this a depressing thing to do. Also a few from the benefit show on saturday night. We also have the gay pride parade in SLC, many bouncy balls being thrown on dirty ravers, Janae and her pups: Oliver and Pip, Die Panda Die rocking out at Steamers, and a small poetry night at Starry Night.

Also, the UVSC philosophy club now has an online presense, and I just made a post, so check it out, contribute, etc. I've been writing that all day so all of my creativity has been sapped.

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