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Molly's Wall, 2nd Layer

In search of the subversive, and failing to find followers to urinate on police cars, I proceeded to help add another layer of oil pastels to Molly's wall. For some reason I felt combative and defiant all yesterday. I wanted to get hassled by the police. It's depressing that they don't even make eye contact anymore; I stare down every cop car I pass, but they always are busy staring at their computer screens, probably myspacing it up. (Has myspace really gotten verb status so soon?)

I am in search of a paraplegic paralegal; if not that... one that dumpster dives. Do you know any? Aggressive graffiti needs to be the next big movement. Banksy seems to be the only one that’s pulled it off, at least that I’ve seen. If they are going to call it vandalism, you might as well dump buckets of paint onto their statues, lawns, cars, and lawnmowers instead of the benign expressions on the empty canvasses of trains and concrete walls. Take to the billboards with your oil pastels! How is it possible to purchase my view of the mountains, the lakes, and the trees?

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