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BYU Protest and Marcia the Geisha
Today was a heavy day for photography. There was a protest at Brigham Young University, which is, I think, their second in history. It seems that Todd Hendricks, a grad student who also got a job as a low level administrator, wrote a "letter to the editor" for the campus newspaper regarding a procedural oddity with the club BYUSA. The club supposedly "acts as a student voice to the President's Council", but Hendricks saw that all the members were hand-picked. So, he wrote a piece asking for some transparency in the process.

The voice of the students, to Hendricks, seemed to be nothing more than the voice of pre-approved puppets of the administration. Once his piece was published, he was told he was disloyal and was given the option to leave with one month of pay and insurance for 3 months if he would keep quiet about it. Signs at the protest reflected this with slogans like, "No Hush Money!," and "Hush money' is proper protocol." But the best one was, "Have I done any good in the world today because I shaved?" a take-off of a mormon mantra, "Have I done any good in the world today because I shared?" That one little letter substitution reaveals the really important LDS values. (Thank you, Nathan, for noticing that.) My friend Noelle, on the other hand, like the honesty in the sign adorned with, "I'm here to meet girls."

I couldn't find Hendrick's actual letter, but Daily Herald Stories are:

Students to protest the firing of BYUSA adviser

Students protest firing of adviser, demand more voice in university affairs

Letter leaves BYUSA adviser jobless

Surpringly, the Deseret News also covered it:

Students protest Y. adviser's dismissal

And then, I was at the Paul Mitchell graduation with Chris, who had done up Marcia. We illegally took pitures in the mall! Oooh! They have signs everywhere against it. I felt so rebellious.

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