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Exile Events - Club Sound
Would you look at that hair!? Fire, passion, the color that women would, as I never believed as a child as I was taunted and teased for the color of mine, kill for. Alright, so I must confess that I am searching the internet for the name of the party that I am posting pictures for. What does THAT tell you about how things have changed? Oh well, no time for melodrama or nostalgia, who I was yesterday is dead today. Here's the pics of some event featuring SLC's brand new laser light endowed visual company, Exile Events. My love affair with laser light continues.

Ok, that's the end of that. I'm trying to do a new project based on one of my own curiosities. It seems that many people's faith that a god exists comes from a few personal experiences. I've heard many people say that they believe due to some type of witnessing of god, or a very intense spiritual experience. If anyone bases their faith on an experience like this, I would LOVE to interview you. I'm very curious about the whole thing. If you know of people, please let me know. I'll track 'em down somehow.

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