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How to keep up with all the other blogs!
For any of you who are in the class, I'm sure that you have run into the annoyance of not knowing when other people update their blogs. Personally, I like communities such as these, but it's hard to keep up. Nobody wants to click through the entire list on Ben's main page to see if anything's changed. That's why I've done a little research into programs that will check this for you. I've been testing one such program out during the last week and found that it works great. I've noticed that maybe 2-3 updated their blog Wednesday, NOBODY during Thursday, about 6 or 7 on Sunday, and 13 so far today (although there'll surely be many that post in the quickly disappearing minutes before 12:00). I'm not sure how Ben keeps up on all of us, and so maybe he has another solution, but this has been working for me and so I thought I'd share it if anyone is interested. The program is called Web Checker.

Once you get it, you can add Ben's page and then set it to a search depth of 2. This will check all of Ben's links, so you won't even need to manually add them in yourself. The program is shareware, but you can... um... click on this link for a program to remove that pesky limitation. Thank goodness this isn't Ethics and Values! Although it has almost no options, it's a useful little program.

But, on a personal note... I want to say that writing is a little bit like looking in the mirror. You never know what the reflection says to other people. Sometimes you focus on all the blemishes, and other times you see a shining hero. It's a tragedy to never know what other people are thinking. We try to find out our entire lives, but never really truly know. This is why I'm terrified when I observe other people's habits that I shiver about. I see it all inside myself. It's 14 till 12, goodnight :)


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