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Kermit on the streets of Provo
His clothes were black and faded and his face wore a tattered beard. White stains were the only that shone through. His green tweet hat had sleepy 5 o'clock shadow, which contrasted his clear, eggwhite, rhinestone eyes. I could see how the clothing was an old friend, like the relic in his hands: a dancing violin. Just twenty feet away, a group of musicians bounced melodies against each other. He, though, was a lonely figure in a wheelchair bathed in red light against an old concrete wall. And he ranted, yelling at some owner of some venue somewhere who had refused him access to the stage. So, tonight his audience was solely I, my camera lens, and the alley which periodically flashed with light from headlights of cars looking for parking.. so they could pay $3 dollars and see those on the stage behind Kermit's wall.

I'm reading "Language in Thought and Action," by S.I. Hayakawa, and it inspired me to write a description with an awareness of bias. He says that the good writers develop complexity in a character by trying to describe them from more than one point of view. This gives a solidity and realness to the image being created.

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