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Phlurry of Photos.
Friday was the opening of the UVSC student art show, which took place at the Woodbury Gallery. The gallery is essentially UVSC property in the University Mall, and it really is a pretty impressive place. I guess that some pictures of my naked ass that Janae took and chromed were supposed to be on the walls, but it was censored at the last minute. Now it's personal! :(

I attended the largest protest I've ever been to in my life, the huge immigration protest against a bill that wants tighter immigration controls. I usually am protesting the war, laws against homosexuals, the president, etc., but finally I was part of a popular movement! I guess I shouldn't be surprised that people are more concerned about the day to day than the fact that we are killing poor people in other countries. There were also the protester protesters, who I ended up getting into some brutal verbal confrontations with. I was actually separated from the guy because we had entered into an angry dual flood of obscenities. Fun stuff.

And then I ended up at the drum circles, my first this year. It is definitely more spiritual than any church I've seen. Laena and myself set up some photo equipment, reflectors, flashes, etc., and experimented mixing strong outdoor light with studio light to get decent portraits. It was such a bright day, and everyone was wearing sunglasses, so it's pretty easy to demystify the lighting. I definitely need more practice with mixing outdoor light, though; figuring out the angles of reflectors is still something of a bumble.



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