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In search of a Keylogger
I need a good analysis tool for my own keystrokes. I need to be able to see what I have typed. I need it visible on the screen. I want my strokes, also, to be saved to a text file. Unfortunately, tools that do this have been branded keyloggers, a vicious tool used by the unscrupulous, the obsessively stalkish, and the criminal.

Why do keyloggers remain in the murky, hacker-esque shadows of the internet? I am now on my third serious research attempt at finding a good program that can capture keystrokes, and it's the same scary landscape that I've run up against before. Once I had found an excellent tool only to have the idiotic Mccaffe antivirus program detect it as malicious and delete it without my permission. It was a work computer so I didn't have enough access. I could never get it back and now I've forgotten what it even was. :( Oye.

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